The term WalkAbout refers to an Australian aboriginal ritual of manhood during which male Australian Aborigines would undergo a journey during adolescence and live in the wilderness for a period as long as six months. In this practice they would trace the paths, or "songlines", that their people's ceremonials ancestors took, and imitate, in a fashion, their heroic deeds.
More common however “walkabout” also refers to:
  • Someone or some thing that is unexpectedly missing is said to have "gone walkabout".
  • An expression used to describe touring a location by foot.
  • A small international orientated pub at the river Maas in the city of Maastricht.
WalkAbout Maastricht is beautifully located in Wijck – Maastricht on a little square at the river Maas, just across the ancient St. Servaes bridge. Its a meeting place for everybody who enjoys a good pint, a friendly chat and sports on TV. The crowd is a nice mixture of (international) students, expats, tourists and Maastricht locals. The atmosphere in the pub is relaxed and informal, just what you want after a hard days work or if you simply need to get out for a little walk(about).The music, a variety of classic pop/rock songs, jazz, rhythm ‘n’ blues and the best of the modern pop/rock scene guarantees a pleasant stay at the WalkAbout.